GAIN Affiliates Help: The Quick Guide

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Thanks for visiting the GAIN Affiliates website and we hope you’re comfortable using the powerful tools at your disposal.

We have partnered with Income Access to provide you with a best in class platform which you can trust through every second of every day.

If you’re new to Income Access software, or just need a refresher, you can use this post as a quick guide to publishing GAIN Affiliates links and creative.

So let’s get you set up with GAIN Affiliates:

Unique Tracking Profiles

Upon registration to GAIN Affiliates, you entered your main URL and payment preferences.

If you would like to add an additional URL profile, you can do this under the Affiliate Tracking Profiles section of the My Account drop down menu. Each site you add will have a unique site ID which can be located within every unique tracking link generated by you.


Find Advertising Material

Under the Marketing Tools drop down menu, you will find the Get your ADs heading, here you can select your tracking profile, then search with the help of filters when using the Advanced Search function. Each item of creative material will have a ‘+’ sign, click on this to see a drop down of all available link types. Here you will find a link types such as a direct text link, javascript code, iframe, and a PPC link, if appropriate. Take the link or code suitable for your marketing strategy. you can view the strategy behind each marketing tools asset by clicking on ‘View Strategy‘, here you’ll see information such as the browsers and Geographies permitted for the asset.

Please also test your tracking link by opening a new browser window with a clear cache. Use a cookie tracker to ensure you can locate your unique affiliate ID.


Reporting and Analysis

Firstly, you have a quick reporting tool on your dashboard which gives an overview of your recent work. We have then made sure to provide you with as many reporting perspectives as we can from the various reporting tools available on the programme. You can view and export reporting elements such as: traffic country origins, earnings, custom URL parameters and trade information on product & asset classes.


Check Your Revenue & Generate a Payment Request

For an accurate view of the commission you have earned, please go to the Earnings Report which is available on your dashboard.

To generate a payment request, please access the My Account drop down menu and select the Generate Payment Invoices option. Follow the instructions available and wait for confirmation of the request.


To learn more about the Income Access platform we use, and to discover the array of tools available to you. Please log in to GAIN Affiliates and visit the help section.


February 20, 2017
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GAIN Affiliates Help: The Quick Guide

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